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Selecting overseas education for your graduation or post-graduation degree is one of the most rewarding choices. We emphasize the importance of working independently and supporting our students with world-class academic resources. We provide a wide range of programs for every student, providing them with the services they need to reach their individual goals.


Engineering is one of the most favoured degrees for many students all over India. Getting an engineering degree overseas offers students many opportunities. Students develop valuable skills like problem-solving, critical analysis, innovative thinking and many more.


Students have a variety of options in the Business course and excel. This course helps students to develop various skills such as planning, developing strategies, organising and analysis of business activities that are required to run or manage a business.


Students have a wide range of options to select the course and university. The subjects offered range from human rights to property and commercial law.


Multiple Institutions offer degrees and courses for students wanting to pursue their career in Arts. Studying arts abroad will give students a glimpse into the culture and offer the best experience.


Medical courses have been the most popular courses amongst students wanting to study abroad. Obtaining a degree from an international university will help students become a part of the global public health community.


Studying photography in an international institution allows students to immerse themselves in different cultures. Students can get an option to select general or specialized courses.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is becoming one of the most chosen branches of study amongst international students. This program offers various courses such as geosciences, environmental chemistry, ecology, etc.


Programs in Healthcare offer students leadership competencies and knowledge to organise the international healthcare systems. With this program, you will be able to take your career to greater heights.


A degree in Science will allow students to explore a wide array of scientific disciplines and principles. Studying biology, chemistry and physics will give a clear idea to select their specialisation that aligns with their goals.


There are ample opportunities to study tourism courses. The tourism course covers a wide range of areas like business, management, geography and finance. This course will give insights into global tourism management.

Computer Science

Computer Science program gives exposure to a new culture and an approach to broaden the understanding of the subject. Students can choose from a huge range of programs and can select from some of the world’s most respected universities.


Accounting is an integral part of modern international business. This program is an ideal choice if you have a passion for numbers and are highly organized and analytical.


Accounting is an integral part of modern international business. This program is an ideal choice if you have a passion for numbers and are highly organized and analytical.


Computing programs are offered by various universities in different countries. This program helps students understand the use or operation of computers and the computer's mathematical and procedural tasks.

Social Work

Social work is a popular program across the world. It is an academic disciplined which is committed to human rights and social justice. This program helps students to work with vulnerable people of different age groups, cultures etc.

Health & Science

Health and Science programs can be found worldwide. The programs offer an understanding of different health practices, healthcare platforms, and cultural influences on health and wellness.

Film & Media

Film & Media courses cover a wide range of topics some of them include the area of production, the analytical side of film criticism, and film qualifications offered by various universities, colleges and even film schools across the globe.

Life Science

The Life Science program includes different subjects like biology, chemistry, toxicology and environmental science. Students also learn different characteristics of natural science.


Architecture is the art of designing and constructing different buildings and structures. Architecture is a popular program combining the elements of art and science. The program structure may vary depending upon the university.


IT is the fastest-growing field of study and is an important part of all businesses. Studying IT abroad is a life-changing experience and gives you the opportunity to broaden your perspective.


Eleanor O.

I had a plan about what I wanted to do after my schooling but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the grades I needed to get me into the university that I wanted to go to. As I was getting prepared for a gap year, ZONE had sent me an email. I thought that I could give it a shot as I had nothing to lose.

Trevor D.

Like most people after their final year, I had no idea on what I wanted to do or what I had to do. That’s when ZONE came in and really helped me out. They helped me understand what I was good at and showed me all the options I had. Now, I’m at a college that will really help me develop my skills in what I love.

Damaris C

After school, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I’d look into various colleges and course but I couldn’t find anything that interested me and was very unsure of what career to pursue. I heard about ZONE from my parents and I decided to give it a go. Talking to the counsellors

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