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About Us

At Zone School of Business Studies London, we offer a variety of courses from Level 2 to Level 7. Students from around the world can enrol in these courses. Courses are offered via blended learning and online learning. Once enrolled, students can complete a course at their own pace. Zone School offers courses at different levels in a variety of fields, including IT, healthcare, management, and leadership. Additionally, Zone School offers an Online Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to students who wish to study at a reputable university without moving abroad. With our high-quality education, our students will develop skills, knowledge, and understanding that will enhance their employability and enable them to compete successfully in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment. The certifications offered are recognised all over the world.

Why Choose Zone School Of Business Studies London

Flexible time

Students can complete courses on their own schedule. Students can tailor their study load to their individual timetables. Students improve their time management and self-efficacy skills. Flexible delivery fits into students’ hectic schedules. The courses we offer are all available online, so you can learn from anywhere.

Low Cost

Zone School offers a variety of low-cost courses. The most appealing perk for students is the low cost of taking an online course. It indicates that the online course is affordable to a wide range of students. Because they are less expensive than traditional schooling, online course fees are lower.

Feedback and Study Materials

Expert tutors are assigned to students once they have enrolled. They receive programme directions, study materials, and thorough feedback on their tasks from these tutors/assessors. Tutors recommend a variety of websites for course materials, in addition to the materials provided by the tutors.

Degree from Reputed Institution

We offer online degree programmes that are just as good as our on-campus programmes. Even if attending university in person isn’t an option for you, Zone School of Business Studies London will help you achieve a recognised and accredited degree online. Zone School’s courses are well-known throughout the world.

Even if students do not physically attend university, Zone School graduates receive a recognised and authorised degree. Since all of the courses are offered online, students can access them from any location. Students who enrol in Zone School will study the same top-notch material made available to on-campus students. Top-up programme graduates will obtain the same diploma and qualifications as full-time, on-campus university students.

How Top-Up Degrees Work?

Colleges typically accept the credits students acquire because all of Online Business School’s academic programmes have received approval from Ofqual. Students will receive the required Ofqual documents and transcripts from the Business School upon course completion.

Degrees obtained through top-up programmes are acknowledged in the same manner as degrees obtained through full-time programmes. You could complete your undergraduate studies with a top-up degree that awards you a Bachelor's degree. As the name suggests, you can use these courses to "top up" a current qualification.

Did you know that it only takes a year to upgrade your diploma to a full degree? ... One of the finest colleges in the UK offers online education programmes that you may take from anywhere in the world.

Our Process

We offer the full spectrum of services to help Students work better

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The student must register for the course by sending us an email or submitting an online application after choosing the course. The student must pay the applicable fees upon enrollment in order to receive login information.

Tutor Allocation

A tutor will be assigned to the student. The tutor will lead the student through the course materials and provide guidance on how to complete the assignments. Prior to the final submission, the tutor will evaluate the students' work and offer thorough feedback to help them develop.


The assessments will be conducted through assignments and exams. Not all courses offered by Zone School require exams. The students will receive thorough feedback. Once the student has turned in the final draft, the grades will be made available on the online portal.
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The institution will issue transcripts and certification to the student after they successfully complete the course. The learner might then enrol in another course to advance their qualification.

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